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  Extend your CFD capabilities   with unlimited HPC resources   in the cloud

Connect your PC to unlimited computational resources in the cloud today!

DHCAE Tools’ Cloud Services for CFD allow users to enjoy enormous advantages


You are free to decide when to use Cloud Computing or when to run simulations in-house.

Via the cloud, large HPC resources are at your disposal.

You can choose from different cloud instances, depending on your current simulation needs. During the simulation, you will receive an exact cost trend.


The usage of Cloud Computing eliminates the need for own large HPC resources and machines in-house.

Furthermore, there are no license costs for CFD/FEA solvers, as our solutions are based on open-source solver technology.

High interactivity

Keep your working habits in the cloud like in your local runs:

Simulation progress is visualised on-the-fly.

You can change the solver settings during runtime in the cloud without stopping the simulation.

Ease of use

By transferring the installation and maintenance of OpenFOAM® to the experts of the cloud computing provider, the usage of the simulation environment is greatly simplified.

Simulation cases can be sent from the GUI environment to the cloud directly.


As the workflow is completely CAD based, there is no time-consuming preparation of simulation cases.

This extends your portfolio for the realisation of your simulation projects, and the results are much more quickly available.


You will achieve an enhanced safety with regard to products, as e.g. the function of components and processes, due to the longtime proven meshing technology of our partner Simmetrix.

Reliable CFD results by a GUI based case setup from CAD import with advanced CFD and FEA meshing approaches to a detailed job control.

Business benefit

The immediate availability of additional computational resources on demand enables you to cope with order peaks.

You can assign the costs exactly to the according simulation projects.

The quality of products and processes is improved, and their development time shortened. This also reduces development costs.

Data privacy

The usage of the cloud based simulation software can be encapsulated from you entirely.

You can keep your complete workbench within your well-known Windows environment with DHCAE Tools’ software.

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